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10 Business-to-Business (BtoB) Press Release Cases

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Stakeholders are not limited to consumers when companies and organizations disseminate new information about their company. There will also be information from company to company.

In this article, we will tell you about 10 cases of press release distribution from company to company, so-called "BtoB", and points at the time of creation.

What is Business to Business (BtoB) in the first place?

" BtoB " is an abbreviation for "Business to Business" and refers to business - to - business transactions . Sometimes referred to as "B2B". On the other hand, "B to C" or "B2C" is an abbreviation for "Business to Customer" and refers to transactions between companies and consumers.

In contrast to "BtoC", which consumers purchase directly at supermarkets and mail-order sites, it is also "BtoB" that home appliance manufacturers wholesale to home appliance mass retailers and other companies adopt the attendance check service developed by companies. 

What are the benefits of "BtoB" delivering press releases?

Since "BtoB" is a business-to-business transaction, shouldn't we only deploy press releases to our business partners? You may think that. However, by publicly distributing press releases, there are many merits such as increasing the number of new business partners and increasing the number of orders.

In addition, press releases are now more often seen by consumers, so it is also an opportunity to directly appeal to end users.

10 BtoB Press Release Cases

It is easy to think that press releases are distributed only when new products and services are released, but there are many other opportunities for distribution.

Let's take a look at 10 opportunities for BtoB companies to deliver press releases.

Case 1. Introduction results

The introduction record of products and services can be a press release. You must clarify the outline of the product decided to be introduced and the introduction destination.

In addition if the publisher is the provider, it would be nice to get the background and comments that led to the introduction from the company to which it was introduced.

In addition, by analyzing the background of the introduction based on the current trends, such as the fact that it is a corona wreck, which has led to the introduction, and by summarizing other introduction results, other companies are also considering the introduction. It will also have a positive effect on customer expansion.

Finally, it is also important to specify the contact information, especially when the content involves multiple companies. Make sure to include it so that the press release will lead to inquiries.

It is important that the press release in the case study also has news value. 

Case 2. Announcement of demonstration experiment (technology development)

Companies developing new services and technologies will often undergo proof-of-concept tests. The experimental results can also be a press release as important new information.

In demonstration experiments that involve specialized knowledge and detailed numerical values, prepare not only tables and graphs but also illustrations and images to make the experiment contents and results easy to understand. If the results and analysis are summarized on another special site, there is also a way to guide you to the special site by excerpting a part of it into a press release.

In addition, by describing the background to the start of the experiment and the destination of the information obtained from it, it may be easier to convey the effectiveness of the experiment to companies that may need the technology.

Case 3. Collaboration between companies

In addition to the "tie-up" that concludes a contract between companies, let's disseminate information on the " cooperation " that will be a cooperative system in a press release.

If it is a collaboration of products and services rather than a partnership between companies, briefly summarize the outline of each product or service and the background of the collaboration.

On top of that, by summarizing how to use the linked services in an easy-to-understand manner, it will be an effective appeal to other companies considering the introduction of similar services. It is also an important point to expand the market that the contact information for collaboration and interviews are clearly stated.

Case 4. Consulting service started

Not only the announcement of new products, but also the consulting business that supports the planning and operation of projects for companies can be sent in a press release as information on the services of BtoB companies.

The consulting industry, which is not a tangible product, can illustrate the service outline. This makes it easier to deepen your understanding and will be easier for readers to imagine. Let's aim for a press release that is easy for readers to imagine.

Case 5. The official version of the service is now available

When a new service is born, the official version may be released after the α version and β version. Information for each such version is also an opportunity to disseminate.

It is difficult to imagine the usability of tools such as apps from the overview alone. Explanation using images and figures that make it easy to recall the usage scene. In addition, if you have a GIF animation,  it will be easier to imagine and it will be a material for companies and teams considering an introduction.

Also for the official release, it is also a point that the achievements in the α version and β version are recorded. Actively include valuable information that conveys the effectiveness of the tool, which cannot be obtained with a completely new service that no one has used. Specifying the target person as "recommended for such people'' is also an appeal to potential people who have not yet obtained the service.

Case 6. Exhibit at the exhibition

Let's also disseminate information on corporate activities when exhibiting at exhibitions where new products and new technologies of various companies in the same industry gather together.

Such opportunities, which are held in specialized fields such as household goods and electrical appliances, include "exhibitions" that focus on showing, "trade fairs" that are aimed at buying and selling for buyers, and some trading venues. There are various contents and purposes such as "exhibition spot sale" which is also set up. Exhibiting at such an exhibition not only disseminates information to the target buyers and related parties, but also shows that they are developing new technologies and leads to appeal to investors . Even if you don't have a direct relationship with consumers, let's firmly disseminate the activities of such companies.

Case 7. Start-up company support

If you are conducting support activities that lead to soil development for startups, such as holding events and lectures, it is recommended to send it as a press release.

The start of recruitment of start-up companies and consignment of events that provide opportunities for new business creation and start-ups to attend "training sessions" to accelerate business.

Support aimed at activating the metabolism of industry is also part of corporate activities. Utilizing the culture and skills of companies will lead to regional revitalization. By disseminating such activities, it will not only appeal to start-up companies, but will also be an opportunity to increase the number of partner companies = friends who support the project.

In addition to summarizing sponsor companies and courses in an easy-to-understand manner using a list of decoration functions, devise a way of summarizing such as describing the benefits of participation in the subtitle part that is easy to see at the beginning.

Case 8. Award winning

Awards are given to recognize outstanding technology and contributors in each industry. The award will be an opportunity for not only the organizer but also the winners to distribute the press release.

Such information appeals to investors and expansion of the customer or connected to, such as or can take advantage of the POP and advertising in the customer of the store, it will also be easily transmitted attractive products to consumers.

The award also advocates the relevance to the company's efforts.

The high affinity between the award and the corporate philosophy conveys not only the value of the award, but also the attitude of the company and what aspects the product specializes in. It would be great if this opportunity to announce the award could be used as an opportunity to announce future efforts and enthusiasm.

Case 9. Initiatives for regional revitalization of schools and local governments

It is recommended that you also send out press releases about initiatives for regional revitalization and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities .

In the efforts of companies engaged in regional promotion, the timing of announcing the efforts is a place where you can show your corporate philosophy and attitude. Let's summarize the content that conveys our philosophy and thoughts as to why our company is making this effort.

Also, in the case of an event, let's summarize the course schedule and holding method in an easy-to-understand manner.

For things like lectures that you do not know until you take the course, it is also important to clearly indicate the background of the instructor's activities and to post not only the text but also the face photo.

Case 10. Special site opened

In addition to the regular product site and corporate site, we may set up a special site for new products or for inquiries . Let's also deliver the press release at such an opportunity.

A special site established due to a rapid increase in inquiries regarding the introduction of main products. If inquiries do not go smoothly, it may lead to opportunity loss, such as giving up the company that was considering introducing it. By opening a special site to meet the needs, we can lower the hurdles for using the main product and expect to increase the number of customers.

5 things to remember when producing a BtoB press release

You may have found that there are many opportunities for BtoB companies to distribute press releases other than the announcement of new products and services.

In order to create a press release that appeals to more people, keep these in mind. 

Attention 1. Tell the background and story of launch and development

Similar to information dissemination to consumers such as BtoC, press releases of BtoB companies also include products and services. Tell the background and story of the development.

BtoB information dissemination tends to emphasize the business aspect rather than "shine", but considering that the business partner = cooperating company, feelings to increase the number of friends who will liven up the industry together, it would be good to send information with.

Attention 2. Achievements and awards are positively appealed

Achievements and awards are important information dissemination opportunities. It will lead to market expansion such as the prospect of new business partners, and will also appeal to investors.

Even if the business partner is a company, be aware that end users have consumers, clarify the effects of achievements, the purpose of the award, and the relevance to your company in an easy-to-understand manner.

Attention 3. Professional content is easy to understand

In the case of a BtoB company, since the customer is also a company with specialized knowledge, the information handled also has a lot of technical terms.

However, the features and benefits can be conveyed to potential people who have not introduced services or technologies, including explanations, annotations, and illustrations in technical terms. Let's keep in mind a polite explanation.

Attention 4. Use images and illustrations well

When announcing the development of a service or technology, the business partner uses images and illustrations so that you can imagine what happened after the introduction. 

Not only is it reliable with specific numerical values ​​such as achievements and verification results, but it is also easy to reach by using illustrations because it is easy to have a lot of specialized content.

Attention 5. Clarify who you want to convey

When delivering a press release, “information that you want to tell to who” you are sending to your customers, whether you are trying to acquire new customers, or whether you are looking at consumers who are wholesalers. Let's sort it out.

The content to be included in the press release will change depending on the person you want to convey.

It would be good to give an example of what kind of environment it is recommended to introduce, or give a concrete example.


BtoB press releases should be trusted as information disclosure to each stakeholder.

Since BtoB also has specialized knowledge, it is difficult to check the technology and efficacy, and the transaction amount and quantity tend to be larger and longer than BtoC. So how much value a service or product brings, it is important to specify quantitative numerical values ​​such as verification results and achievements.

BtoB information, which is about to reach consumers, has a large impact on the market and attracts a great deal of attention from investors . In order to increase the number of fans of your company, let's describe not only the numerical values ​​but also the background of the development and what the company is aiming for.

Even if you are a BtoB company, it would be nice to be able to describe what you want to be and how you want to utilize your products and services, looking ahead to the end users.

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