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12 Opportunities For Start-Up Companies In The Early Days To Distribute Press Releases

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Despite the epoch-making efforts of start-up companies in the early days of their founding, there are often resource issues that delay information dissemination.

But start-ups disseminating company information at the right time will lead to organizational growth and business expansion. In order to convey the attractiveness of the organization and business to all the stakeholders around us, we would like to confirm the effective distribution opportunities of press releases and not miss the timing of corporate growth.

In this article, it will explain the 12 distribution opportunities that start-up companies want to distribute press releases, and the points at the time of distribution.

Benefits of Startups Delivering Press Releases

The big advantage of delivering a press release is that you can build relationships with the media. For start-up companies, being featured in the media leads to gaining the recognition and interest of many people. It is also a great merit that you can increase the trust and expectation of the company by being published in the media.

Press releases are known to be distributed for the media, but the role of press releases is expanding, and they are a source of information that is directly utilized by consumers. Distributing the press release will not only help you build new media relationships, but will also help you build good relationships with stakeholders you already have or will meet.

The trust, expectations, and stakeholder relationships gained through the press release will be of great help to start-up companies in raising funds and aiming for listing.

12 Opportunities for Founding Startups to Deliver Press Releases

What startup companies have in common when delivering press releases is incorporating socially-oriented keywords. What kind of change will occur in society and what kind of problems will be solved are items that are attracting a lot of attention not only from the media but also from consumers.

Let's re-examine why we started the business and sort out how we can contribute to society. And be sure to explain your socially-oriented ideas at any delivery opportunity.

Opportunity 1. Company formation

The first opportunity for a startup to deliver a press release is when the company is established.

When delivering a press release regarding the establishment of a company, clarify what the company does. 

Also, when the company is established, it will be noticed who started it. By carefully incorporating the profiles of the people involved, it can be expected that it will lead to interviews on a "people" basis.

Opportunity 2. Product launch

The second delivery opportunity is at product launch.

Let's not only specify what is new compared to the services that have existed in the world, but also explain what kind of society will be perceived through the services

Opportunity 3. Feature/function update

The timing of feature/function updates is also a delivery opportunity.

The point of the update press release is to explain what will change and how it will change in an easy-to-understand manner. It would be nice to make good use of images, GIFs, videos, etc. so that you can easily imagine the changes

Opportunity 4. Financing

If you've raised money , it's a good idea to send a press release as well. Not only will it attract the attention of the industry, but it will also foster an image of growth expectations for various stakeholders such as VCs, entrepreneurs, and other people in the occupations they want to hire.

When delivering a funding press release, let's specify in the title what the company is doing and how much money has been raised.

On top of that, in the main text, it is necessary to carefully explain what kind of efforts have been made so far and what kind of figure we are aiming for in the future.

Opportunity 5. Office relocation

The timing of office relocation is also an opportunity to deliver the press release.

In the office relocation press release, why are you relocating now? It is important to convey the background of the move and future prospects as it is. Not only the fact of the move, but also the event at the time of the move can tell you what you want to know more about the company's future enthusiasm.

 If you have a reason why you choose that area, it is a good idea to specify that as well.

Opportunity 6. Crowdfunding

You can use it as a distribution opportunity when you start crowdfunding , when you reach the target amount, or when you actually commercialize it. 

By distributing crowdfunding, it will lead to making more people aware of the passion and ideas of the executor as well as the existence of the project, and creating an opportunity to sympathize with the efforts of start-up companies. 

Opportunity 7. Demonstration experiment

" Demonstration experiments " for the practical application of new products and services will also be an opportunity to distribute press releases.

When distributing the press release regarding the demonstration experiment, it is necessary to fully describe the purpose and content of the implementation. When trying to explain the details of an experiment, it tends to be complicated and difficult to understand. Please be aware that the content is easy to convey to a third party by using figures, tables, images, etc. without using technical terms.

Opportunity 8. Business alliance, capital alliance

This is an important opportunity to deliver press releases during business and capital alliances .

Be sure to include two points in your press release regarding business and capital alliances: "reasons for forming an alliance" and "concrete prospects for the future."

By making use of the name value of our business partners, we can contribute to increasing awareness by making contact with different stakeholders. 

Opportunity 9. Holding Events and Seminars, Exhibiting, and Taking the stage

It can also be considered as a distribution opportunity when holding an event or seminar, opening a store, or taking the stage .

Participants' expectations can be raised by not only telling the date and time of the event and the content, but also by clearly stating the organizer's profile and what they are capable of. 

Opportunity 10. Certification and awards from the national government, local governments, institutions, etc.

The fact that you have been certified by the national government, local governments, institutions, etc., or won awards at festivals and competitions held by companies and the media can also be distributed in press releases.
Recognized and evaluated achievements by third parties increase the credibility of the company. However, there are many awards and accreditations that are well-known in the industry, and it may be difficult for non-specialists to communicate. 

Opportunity 11. Business performance

You can quantify your business performance and create distribution opportunities. For example, it is conceivable to announce "Over 100,000 companies" and "Over 100,000 people" as new information.

The key to distributing business results as a press release is whether the numbers to be announced are objectively news-oriented numbers.  Let's start with a number that can be said to be "awesome" on an objective basis, how much it has grown compared to the past.

Opportunity 12. Acquisition of patents and trademarks

The twelfth delivery opportunity is the timing of obtaining patents and trademarks. By announcing the acquisition of patents and trademarks, you can publicize your company's efforts externally. The fact that a third party has recognized that we have innovative technology, will be a power for future activities.


Seize delivery opportunities and connect them to organizational growth and business expansion.

By disseminating information in press releases, start-up companies in the early days can publish their innovative information to the world.

Through the press release, we can expect to lead to new business opportunities by building good relationships with not only media personnel but also investors, business partners, and all kinds of stakeholders.

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