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5 Contents That You Want To Post On The Corporate Site As Public Relations

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Just as there are "corporate public relations" and "service public relations" in public relations work, there are also "corporate sites" and "service sites" on corporate websites.

In this article, it will introduce how we are involved in public relations about the corporate site that introduces companies and fosters a brand image, and the content that we want to post.

Role of Corporate Site

Firstly, will explain in detail the "corporate site" and "service site" mentioned at the beginning.

Service site, whereas the site that provides information about the products and services provided by the company, corporate site in the general life who becomes a customer or end-user, for various stakeholders such as applicants for employment, companies provide information about.

The corporate site and the service site may be separated, or they may be unified on the same site.

The corporate website introduces what kind of company it is, what kind of products and services it handles, and what kind of corporate culture it is. Roles like company profile information. It is an important page that impresses the brand image of the company depending on the content and content posted.

a. What is the significance of public relations involved in the operation of the corporate website?

As mentioned above, the corporate website contains various information about companies, so to speak , also serves as a "public relations media".

For small and medium-sized enterprises that are engaged in public relations activities but have few connections with the media, it is also a useful method to actively carry out public relations activities using the corporate website.

In addition, even for large companies that are already well-known and have established relationships with the media, it can be said that it is meaningful for public relations to be involved in the corporate site in order to ensure consistent corporate branding and gain the trust of stakeholders, probably.

5 Basic Contents That You Should Definitely Prepare On The Corporate Website For Public Relations

The corporate website has five contents that you should definitely prepare for public relations. Let's check if the following five contents are included in your site.

Basic content 1. Company Profile

The first content I want to prepare on the corporate site is the company profile .

The company profile should briefly describe basic information about your company. The following items should be listed.

  •  Company name

  •  Representative's name

  •  Location

  •  Capital

  •  Date of establishment

  •   Business content

  •  Bank

  •  Officer name 

In addition to this, if you add information such as telephone number, fax number, number of employees, major business partners, related companies, etc. separately, you can further improve the creditworthiness.

Basic content 2. Latest information / news release

The second content you want to have on your corporate site is the latest information about your company. Post news releases such as new product launches and service launches and the latest information about your company on the corporate website in real time.

When disseminating the latest information, it is recommended to post the title and date of the news in a prominent place on the top page of the corporate site.

The more updates you have, the more polite you are trying to communicate with your stakeholders, so be sure to update regularly.

Basic content 3. Introduction of products and services

The third content I would like to prepare on the corporate website is the introduction of products and services.

If you operate and produce a service site related to products and services separately from the corporate site, it is helpful to set up a guidance link from the corporate site.

It is also good to keep in mind that the outline and details of the products and services posted on the corporate site are consistent with the information on the service site, and that communication and cooperation with related departments are firmly established.

Basic content 4. IR information

The fourth content I would like to have on the corporate site is IR information . Especially for listed companies, IR information will be an essential item on the corporate website.

Assuming that investment professionals and general investors will see it, let's aim for a page that provides a wide range of financial information and performance information, deepens the understanding of companies, and makes them attractive as investment targets.

In addition, there are many companies that operate and produce IR sites separately. In this case, consider setting a guide link on the corporate site and try to make the conductor easy to understand.

Basic content 5. Contact Us

The fifth content I would like to have on the corporate site is the contact page. In addition to posting the telephone number on the customer inquiry page, it is a good idea to set up an inquiry form so that you can contact us at any time.

In addition, if you list the contents that are frequently inquired by customers in a Q & A format, it will lead to solving questions without inquiries by customers and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, it is efficient because it reduces the time and effort required to respond in-house.

When you set up the inquiry form, you will receive personal information such as the name and email address. It also describes the "Personal Information Protection Policy”.

[Application] 5 Public Relations Measures and Contents of the Corporate Site That You Want To Implement With + α

In the basics mentioned above, it introduced five contents that you definitely want to put on your corporate website. Now, it will explain five + α contents that I would like to incorporate from the perspective of public relations measures as [Application].

Depending on the company policy, you may want to make the site more advanced. While trying to balance the basic content, try to create a site that is not biased between the content you want to send and the content required by users.

1. Corporate Philosophy / Mission / Value

It is also a good idea to post the corporate philosophy, mission, value, etc. on the corporate website. Not only as a way for the staff in the company to come together, but also to show the stance of the company to all stakeholders such as general consumers, customers and shareholders.

They seem to be similar,

Mission = "The mission of the company"

Vision = "The way a company wants to be perceived in the future"

Value = "Values ​​and behavioral standards that employees should have"

There is a clear difference. Let's aim for content that appeals to you by devising figures and illustrations so that you can understand it without any inconsistency.

2. Representative message

The representative message, which posts the thoughts and feelings of the founder and the representative, is content that helps customers and people outside the company to grasp the image of the company.

Check the message of the representative to determine whether you can trust the product or service when considering a business negotiation, or use it as a basis for the applicants of new employees or mid-career employees who are considering applying. It has various roles such as becoming a product. In fact, it is a page that has been accessed a lot on the corporate site.

In the representative message, the feelings for the company and employees, the feelings of gratitude to the customers, the reason for starting the business, etc. Content that conveys personality.

Also, include episodes and stories about products and services, and be aware of the content that will draw readers.

3. Latest recruitment information

Recruitment information is also content that can showcase your company's strengths. Let's post in an easy-to-understand manner the type of job you are looking for, the personnel you are looking for, the application method, the entry method, etc.

It is also recommended to post a message from employees who are active in the recruiting occupation to new graduates and mid-career hires, such as employee experiences and job satisfaction.

Also, if you include images of employees who are working happily and the atmosphere of the office, it will be an opportunity for people to think "I want to work here!" And "I want to work with these people!".

In order to obtain more talented people, let's enrich the recruitment information on the corporate site.

4. Lead to the official SNS account

If the company has an official SNS account, it is also important to link the corporate site with SNS . You can increase access to the corporate site from SNS, and you can also use SNS to tell what you couldn't tell on the corporate site.

On the corporate site, it is common to display the icons of each SNS side by side. The point is to install it in a place that is easy to see and notice, such as the top page of the site.

Also, if you own an account but the actual operation and update frequency are not sufficient, review the operation of SNS, improve the transmission power, increase the engagement with the company, and effectively cooperate with the corporate site. 

5. Employee’s blog

The employee blog , which can convey the attractiveness of the company such as the atmosphere of the workplace and the image of working employees, is indispensable content for increasing access to the corporate site.

From the trivial daily life in the employee's office and familiar content, to the feelings about the company, initiatives, and the work in charge, we will send out content that will give the company a sense of familiarity by letting them know the real atmosphere of the working employees. 

3 Points To Note When Public Relations Operates A Corporate Website

Now, it will introduce three points that public relations should be aware of when operating a corporate website.

Point 1. Consistent corporate branding

The information posted on the corporate website covers a wide range of information, including company profile, corporate philosophy, news about products and services, and employment information. If there are variations in the messages conveyed on each content or page, the corporate branding itself will be blurred.

Create a checklist for unifying tones and manners and updating information , emphasis on the consistency of the core message you send. 

Point 2. Do not neglect to add or update new information

If a company's corporate site remains old for months or even a year or more, viewers (users) may be worried, "Is this information up-to-date?" And if the homepage is not updated, it is undeniable that the attitude of valuing customers and the business situation may give a bad impression.

The update frequency of the news section is important. It is expected that users will eventually make inquiries or request materials based on new information, and eventually reach product purchases and service orders. Also, Q & A about inquiries can lead to confusion and trouble if the information is kept out of date even though the information needs to be corrected or updated.

Updating the corporate website is important for all stakeholders to have a sense of security and a credible corporate image. Operate with an eye on new customer acquisition and customer satisfaction, and update regularly.

Point 3. Make rules when trouble occurs

On the corporate site, troubles such as "the inquiry page does not connect" or "the link destination does not open" may occur. In addition, troubles may occur frequently immediately after the corporate website is released or renewed.

When a problem occurs, it is first necessary to understand the circumstances, identify the cause, and improve the function. In order to respond smoothly, let's clarify the communication method such as creating manuals and rules for troubleshooting, clarifying the escalation destination, etc. in cooperation with the related departments of the system and the engineer team on a daily basis.


The corporate site, which provides all kinds of information about a company, is now an indispensable face of the company. Now that public relations, marketing and sales on the Internet have become a commonplace, it is important for companies to create and operate a solid corporate website.

By referring to the content and points that you want to incorporate when creating the corporate site introduced in this article, you can create a fulfilling corporate site that can take an effective approach not only to internal stakeholders but also to external stakeholders before conducting public relations activities.

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