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5 Opportunities to Distribute Press Releases at the Time of Crowdfunding and Points at the Time of Distribution

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Nowadays, the word "crowdfunding" is spreading in the world including SNS and media. Opportunities for crowdfunding practitioners (project owners) to use press releases to publicize the project and disseminate their thoughts are steadily increasing.

In this article, it will explain the press release distribution opportunities when crowdfunding as part of PR activities. It will also introduce the points when delivering.

Opportunity for Public Relations Measures when Implementing Crowdfunding

"Crowdfunding" is to raise funds (= funding) from an unspecified number of people (= crowd) through the Internet. It has the aspect that it can be effectively used not only as a fund raising but also as a PR.

From the start to the end of crowdfunding, there are many opportunities to disseminate information. In order to utilize the press release and get the chance of PR effect, do not miss the opportunity and timing of distribution.

Now, let's check the distribution opportunity to distribute the press release at the time of crowdfunding together with the case study press release.

Five Opportunities to Distribute Press Releases During Crowdfunding

The timing of press release distribution related to crowdfunding is roughly divided into five: "at the start", "during the period", "when the target amount is reached" , "at the time of general sale release", and "at the end".

Opportunity 1. At the start of crowdfunding

The first opportunity is at the start of crowdfunding .

It is said that the first action of crowdfunding is the life. The amount of support you can get at the start will increase your chances of getting media attention and news coverage. It's important to issue a press release when the project starts to give momentum at the start.

In the crowdfunding announcement press release, clearly state the reasons for implementing the project and your thoughts . It is also recommended to distribute the comments of developers and implementers through videos. What kind of effects and impacts will be produced by the success of the project? The point is that the reader can sympathize with it and devise it so that it is easy to imagine.

Opportunity 2. During crowdfunding

The next opportunity will be delivery from the start of crowdfunding to the transitional stage . In this case, how long have you been able to obtain results and responses since you started crowdfunding? Presented using specific numerical values ​​and data. Disseminating the ongoing trends is a re-approach to supporters and other media outlets.

Opportunity 3. When the target amount is reached

The third delivery opportunity is when the target amount is reached . In the case of general crowdfunding "All or Nothing type", the project is considered successful when the target amount is reached. In this case, the return will be sent to the supporter only when the target amount is achieved, so if the target amount is not achieved, it will be refunded. The information about achieving the goal is the information that the supporters are interested in.

In addition, if the target amount is significantly exceeded, it can be expected that the media will cover it as news.

Opportunity 4. At the time of general sale (release) of products and services

If many supporters gather by implementing crowdfunding, the project succeeds, and the general sale of products and services is decided. It will be released to the general market. Distribute the press release at the time of release to actively approach the media and consumers. In that case, let's include the background of the official sale, the background and story of the project, and the commercial value of the product / service.

Opportunity 5. At the end of crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is not over when the target amount is reached or the implementation period ends. In some cases, product development and preparation may be delayed after the end, and returns may not be delivered by the scheduled deadline. In that case, explain the reason for the delay and the time when the product arrives in the press release at the end of the project.

Make sure to announce the response after the project is completed so as not to disappoint the supporters who supported you.

Three Points when Delivering a Press Release on Crowdfunding

In order to reach as many people as possible with the thoughts of crowdfunding, we want to create a press release that catches the eyes of the media and consumers.

Finally will explain three points when delivering a crowdfunding press release.

Point 1. Incorporate "empathy" points that you want to support

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the success of a crowdfunding project requires more supporters to be recruited and sympathy for the project.

The birth of the products and services of the project always has the thoughts and reasons of the people involved in the project, such as the creators and developers, and the point is that the reader can sympathize with the reasons and thoughts as "oneself".

"Empathy" simply means "understanding the feelings of the other person." Which do you like, "I will make such a product / service" or "I want to make such a product / service.”

When using crowdfunding and when sending out a press release, focus on how you can sympathize and think about your message.

Point 2. Be aware of social information transmission

In order to gain "empathy," it is also important to disseminate information with sociality .

It would be nice to be able to communicate how we can solve social problems by establishing products and services in the world.

In addition, products and services developed with an eye on environmental issues and eco-friendliness may actually have started from trivial things in our daily lives. By disseminating the events and background that triggered the project, it will be an opportunity for consumers to take action as their own.

Point 3. Give a title that maximizes the appeal of the project

As with regular press releases, it is also important to give a title that conveys the appeal of the project at a glance. Give a title with an awareness of including empathy points that make you want to click.

It is also recommended to include points in the title that can be differentiated from other projects so that the media will be interested . Let's reorganize the features of products and services and the background of the project launch, and find the best title that maximizes the appeal of the project.


The key to success in crowdfunding is to make people think that they can "sympathize" with the project. In other words, no matter how great a project, if you don't sympathize with it, you won't see the light of day.

In a crowdfunding press release, it's not enough to write a concise and clear description of a project. The reader's feeling of the background and feelings that led to the project, and the enthusiasm and energy of the people involved in the project will lead to the reader's next action.

Deliver a press release that will make you want to sympathize with more people and support you, and grasp the success of the project.

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