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5 Ways To Make A Horizontal Connection With Public Relations And Points To Note Taught By Active Public Relations

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In today's world, where the quality of products and services has improved and it has become difficult to be selected based on quality alone, empathy has become more important in consumer activities, and public relations has been recognized as an important role for companies as a method of telling visions and stories.

However, in many cases, such as venture companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, it is best to assign one person in charge of public relations, and the person in charge of public relations may want a companion who can discuss and sympathize with business problems. 

What is important in such a case is Horizontal connection between spokespersons. In this article, it will explain 5 ways to make a horizontal connection with public relations and points to note when doing so.

What are the merits and necessity of public relations making horizontal connections?

In order for public relations to make a horizontal connection, it takes time and effort to attend various events and study sessions. What are the benefits and needs of making horizontal connections, even though you can complete your work within the company alone?

In this section, it will explain four merits: "You can share your worries," "You can have a broader perspective," "It may lead to collaboration between companies," and "As a result, you will have more connections with media personnel."

Merit 1. You can share your worries

Having a horizontal connection with public relations has the advantage of being able to share the concerns to a spokesperson .

Knowing that you are not the only one worried will eliminate your feelings of loneliness . Especially if you have only one spokesperson in your company, it is difficult for anyone to understand your business problems, so it is effective to have a horizontal connection to dispel your anxiety.

In addition, there is a possibility that other companies will teach you how to approach similar problems, and consultation may lead to problem solving .

Merit 2. Have a wide field of view

By exchanging information with spokespersons of other companies on a regular basis, you will be able to broaden your horizons .

You can refer to the efforts of other companies (new business, CSR activities, internal events, etc.) and public relations activities (external public relations, internal public relations, recruitment public relations, etc.) and utilize them in your own efforts.

By gathering spokespersons with industry knowledge, you can also broaden your insights by learning about industry trends that have no contact with your company.

It is essential for a spokesperson to have the ability to broadly understand society as a whole, not just within the industry or within the company. Let's cover by having a horizontal connection.

Merit 3. May lead to collaboration between companies

Information exchange between spokespersons can lead to collaboration between companies .

If each business content is linked and leads to collaboration, it will have a positive impact on the business and will increase one public relations material. You can have a good effect on each other's companies.

Even if you can not collaborate due to the business content, if you are doing similar efforts, you can take a media approach together, etc. Possibility to cooperate in public relations activities.

Merit 4. As a result, the connection with the media people will increase

By building horizontal connections with public relations, you will eventually increase your connections with the media .

It is also useful for spokespersons to introduce reporters to each other. If your company can't provide the material that a familiar reporter is looking for, let's introduce it to a company that has a public relations acquaintance. Reporters and spokespersons will be pleased. Conversely, another spokesperson may connect with the reporter.

You should be able to build a win-win relationship that is profitable for each . For reporters, I find it encouraging to have a spokesperson who can help me when I'm looking for a place to interview. In short, a spokesperson with a wide horizontal connection is useful to reporters.

5 ways public relations can make horizontal connections

So far, the above explained the merits and importance of public relations to create horizontal connections. So how do you specifically connect with spokespersons from other companies?

In this section, "participate in study sessions," "belong to the public relations community," "approach through SNS," "get introduced using the connections between spokespersons," and "get introduced using internal connections” are the five ways. 

Way 1. Participate in study sessions

Participating in a public relations study session makes it easier to connect with spokespersons from other companies.

Many study sessions are a set of exchange meetings, and there are plenty of opportunities to exchange business cards.

Since there are spokespersons with the same awareness of the issues, it will be easier to find colleagues who can cooperate with each other.

Way 2. Belong to the public relations community

It 's also a good idea to join the public relations community .

There are various communities, such as those that exchange information with groups on SNS, those that share their knowledge with each other, and those that form teams to continuously work on issues. Find a gathering that you find easy to communicate with.

The advantage of belonging to the community is that you can have a spokesperson who meets several times. It's easier to talk to than attending a one-off study session or seminar.

Way 3. Approach through SNS

There is also an approach to individually contact people who belong to the same public relations community on SNS such as Facebook .

There are benefits to connecting with spokespersons from other companies on SNS. The first is that you can see what kind of efforts the company is doing and what kind of approach the media is exposed to from the contents of the usual posts. The second is that you can easily contact us using the direct message function.

Even if you do not belong to the public relations community as mentioned above, there are many spokespersons who are doing SNS by clearly stating "Public relations of X companies" on Twitter etc., so you can easily find and connect with them.

Way 4. Get introduced using the connections between spokespersons

Using the connections between spokespersons, get introduced to another spokesperson.

There are various reasons, such as because the business content is similar, because they are close to each other, and because they seem to get along with each other. 

If you find that a spokesperson you know is in contact with a spokesperson you care about, it's a good idea to ask for a direct referral and connect with them.

Way 5. Get introduced using internal connections

You may also be referred to a spokesperson for another company using internal connections .

For example, there are various patterns, such as having a spokesperson of a business partner introduced to the sales staff of the company, or having the presidents get in touch with each other at a company that is close to each other.

Keeping in touch with a spokesperson for a company that has a business relationship with your company will facilitate the creation of joint press releases when there is an opportunity for a business alliance or collaboration.

It's a good idea to share with your internal members that you want to connect with spokespersons from other companies.

Four points and precautions when public relations make a horizontal connection

So far, we have explained the merits of public relations making horizontal connections and the specific methods.

So, are there any points to keep in mind when actually making horizontal connections? In this section, "determine the scope of sharing company information," "value communication within the company," "have the consciousness of building media relations on your own," and "have the consciousness of being courteous even while you are close" are the four points. 

Point 1. Decide the range of sharing of company information

When interacting with spokespersons from other companies, decide the sharing range of company information in advance.

Check with the president or boss in advance to what extent the information can be shared outside the company.

A spokesperson is close to management and has a lot of important information and cutting-edge information within the company. It is important to understand whether the content can be shared outside the company or information that should not be disclosed anywhere yet.

Be especially careful when communicating with a spokesperson in your industry. It is possible that the leaked information directly leads to the disadvantage of the company.

Point 2. Value communication within the company

When interacting with spokespersons from other companies, value internal communication as well.

Building relationships between spokespersons is a fun way to expand the world. However, it is a problem that we only look outside the company.

First of all, get to know your company. It is important to communicate with people in the company and build a business foundations. Creating an environment where appropriate communication can be taken within the company can be said to be the foundation of public relations activities.

Be careful not to neglect your internal relationships as a result of emphasizing external connections.

Point 3. Be conscious of building media relations on your own

Instead of focusing solely on expanding exchanges with spokespersons from other companies, it is also important to have an awareness of building media relations on your own

If you can connect with the spokespersons, you will have more opportunities to be offered a chance for media relations, such as being introduced to a reporter who is looking for material that suits your company.

Be content with it and be careful not to rely on spokespersons from other companies.

Certainly, the first approach to a reporter can be difficult and daunting. Even so, take a strategic approach after considering which media (which reporter) should take up your company's information and how it is best for society and the company. Strategy planning is also the job of a spokesperson. In order not to neglect that point, keep in mind that Media Relations will do it on its own.

Point 4. Have a sense of courtesy while being close

As the horizontal connections between public relations are built to some extent, you may feel like a close friend. That's not a bad thing, of course, but don't forget to be polite while you're close .

We should do our best to thank you for your cooperation in introducing reporters, and thank you for taking the time to consult us.

Don't forget to respect each other as corporate spokespersons.


In this article, it explained how to make a horizontal connection with public relations and points to note.

Having a horizontal connection between public relations is not only a business advantage such as being able to trigger collaboration between companies and being able to introduce reporters to each other, but also sharing concerns and being a counselor. 

By building horizontal connections, you can gain information and experience that you cannot get by working alone in the company.

Please refer to this article and expand your connection.

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