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Five Ways and Three Points To Utilize Press Releases For Sales

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Press releases are a source of information for reporters to write articles, and are documents that trigger coverage and television programs. However, press releases are now expanding their use, not just as an approach to the media. One of them is the utilization by other business divisions who are not in charge of public relations .

This time will introduce five methods and three points for business divisions in charge of sales to utilize press releases.

Five Ways to Use Press Releases for Sales

Press releases are a tool that can be used not only by public relations personnel but also by sales people. What are some ways for sales people to utilize press releases? Here are five ways to do it.

1. Include in business negotiation materials

The first way to use the press release is to publish it in the negotiation materials .

The press release summarizes the necessity and story of disclosing information about the company to society and the media in an easy-to-understand manner. Therefore, it will be suitable for a brief description of your company's products and services.

It is also recommended to use a press release as a material for business negotiations.

In addition, distributing press releases means that we are focusing on products and services that we want to actively disseminate. For business partners in order to appeal to your company's attitude, it is also effective to introduce in the negotiation that you are delivering a press release. 

2. Lead acquisition

The second way to use a press release is as a lead acquisition tool .

Press releases can be delivered directly to people other than the media by using a press release distribution platform. Furthermore, if you are a company that is actively using SNS, you can expect information to spread by sharing press releases with employees.

As a result, it may be visible to business partners and prospective customers. A press release can be an opportunity to win inquiries from new business partners.

In addition to press releases related to new products and services, you may also add announcements of events aimed at acquiring leads to the topics delivered in the press releases.

3. Substitute for LPs for products and services

The third use of the press release is as a substitute for LP .

By uploading press releases to the corporate website and press release distribution platform, we can reach more people. Therefore, press releases can play the role of LP for products and services that have not been created up to LP.

4. Announce to existing customers

The fourth use of press releases is to announce to existing customers .

When contacting your company's new products and services via DM, etc. for the purpose of strengthening relationships with existing customers, it is convenient to use a press release that contains information. Since there is no need to explain in detail in the email text, it will be easier to compose the email text.

5. Release joint names with business partners

Press release, the relationship structure with business partners will lead to build.

Building good relationships with business partners is an important task for sales. In order to promote the business partner, let's announce the press release jointly with the business partner when we have a business alliance with the business partner or introduce our own products and services to the business partner. Contributes to building relationships with business partners.

Three Points When Using Press Releases For Sales

Can you imagine that there is a way that press releases can also be used in sales operations? Next will introduce the points of what kind of press releases will be easier to use for sales.

Before using the press release for sales people, let's check whether your press release meets the points.

Point 1. Incorporate content that is easy for sales to use

Press releases can be used as explanatory materials for your company's products and services during business negotiations. For that purpose, information that should be appealed as a business must be included. In particular, make sure that the following content is included.

[Contents to be included]

  1.  Advantages and strengths of products and services

  2.   Is the image of the product / service easy to see?

  3.   Is the price clearly stated?

  4.  Is it possible to foster an image after introducing products and services?

Point 2. Specify sales contact information

A press release may trigger an inquiry from a new customer. In order to connect to sales staff immediately, it is recommended to include not only the contact information of the public relations department but also the contact information of the sales department in charge of the products and services introduced in the press release to reduce opportunity loss. 

Point 3. Allow sharing by URL

By uploading the press release on the Internet such as the corporate site, when the salesperson contacts the business partner by e-mail or chat, the press release can be developed by URL without attaching documents. So convenient.

Also, it will be easier to use when posting on SNS, so be sure to get 1 release and 1 URL.

Three Points To Note When Using Press Releases For Sales

There are some things that sales reps should be aware of when using press releases. Make sure to share it with your company's sales representatives.

Note 1. Check for the latest information

If the figures such as sales results introduced in the press release have been updated since the press release was distributed, it is important to use the press release as it is. Make sure the numbers are up to date.

Note 2. Do not disclose information before lifting the ban

A press release is originally a source of information for reporters to write articles, and is a document that triggers interviews and TV programs. The information to be published is fresh, and information that has already been released may not be handled.

Therefore, in order to prevent information from being released to the world, be careful not to send the press release to the business partner before the press release is announced. When using press releases in sales, it is safe to share and confirm the information release date just in case .

Note 3. Check if the press release is only for the media

Among the types of press releases, there are press releases that are disclosed only to the media, such as press release event information and press releases with different titles and contents for each media. In-house announcement of which press release can be used.


In this article, it has introduced how to use press releases for sales and the points.

A press release is a concise, easy-to-understand document that contains new information about your company. Therefore, it will be a tool that can be used by departments that convey new information about their company to the outside.

The results published in the media through public relations activities are used in the sales activity scene because they can be used as persuasive material for attracting attention in the field.

In order to make effective use of it, let's actively share the announcement of the press release with the spokesperson.

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