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What Is "The Person In The Middle" Who Is In Charge Of Public Relations SNS? Introducing The Merits And Methods Of Posting

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The operation of public relations SNS is an effective means to raise awareness of companies and make their products and services widely known. Not only companies that have just been founded, but also long-established companies with decades of history have recently begun to actively operate public relations SNS.

Under such circumstances, what should I do first when I become a person in charge of public relations SNS? In this article, it will introduce the merits of creating characters as "people in the middle" and the points in operation, which are indispensable for operating public relations SNS.

What do you call "the person in the middle" on SNS?

The person in charge of operating a corporate public relations SNS is commonly called the "inside person". It is common for the inside person to be in charge of most of the tasks, from setting the direction of the account to daily postings and responding to replies sent from consumers and other companies.

In SNS operated by companies, in order to raise the awareness of the company through the transmission on SNS, it is not uncommon to create characters that are close to the business content of the company. Since the personality of the operation staff can be seen between the prominent characters, it has come to be called "the person in the middle". It's a good way to convey that there is a real person on the other side of the character, even though it has a character personality that represents a company.

Three major merits of posting that conveys the character of "The Person in the Middle"

In the operation of corporate public relations SNS, there are three major merits of posting that convey the character of "the person in the middle". Let's check the details of each.

Merit 1. Differentiate from other companies

The first advantage is, it can be differentiated from public relations SNS of other companies. Accounts operated by companies are mainly notified of their products and services. To the average person, all of these accounts look the same, so you don't have to bother to follow them.

It can be said that it is a big merit that you can make one reason to follow by making a post that conveys the character of "the person in the middle".

Merit 2. More touch points to products and services

The second merit is that "people in the middle" have fans. More touch points to products and services. 

The main purpose of public relations SNS operation is to naturally increase the number of touch points that touch products and services, which leads to purchasing. To that end, how to convey information is important.

By disseminating information as if you were interacting with friends, you can become a fan of "people in the middle", and as a result, you can eventually become a fan of the company's products and services themselves.

Merit 3. Operationally convenient

The third advantage is to create an environment that is easy to accept even if the person in charge of operations changes. Usually, when the "people in the middle" of public relations SNS change, it is often regarded as negative. By continuing to post that tells you that there is a "person in the middle" and what kind of character you are doing, it will be easier for your followers to accept you even if the person in charge of operations changes. If there are multiple operations personnel, it is also important to publicize that fact.

In addition, by keeping in mind the posting that conveys the character, it will be easier for the operation staff to operate the public relations SNS, and the continuity will be improved. Even though it's a job, you can bring many benefits by using an operation that conveys to your followers that you enjoy posting.

Four points when deciding "People in the Middle" in charge of public relations SNS

Although the use of SNS by companies is increasing, there are a few companies that operate with a glimpse of the characteristics of SNS specialists. Under such circumstances, it will be difficult to determine the person in charge of corporate public relations SNS.

Here are four points that determine the "people in the middle" of SNS, which play an important role in actively disseminating information about the company and raising awareness of the company in society.

Point 1. People who are in contact with SNS on a regular basis

The first point is people who regularly use SNS.

Understanding the characteristics of each SNS and being able to operate it will be a big plus point. You don't have to be a heavy user, and it doesn't matter that you're good at it, you just like to use SNS, and it doesn't matter if you have an account and use it.

It can be said that people who are accustomed to SNS are more suitable for "people in the middle" than people who do not use SNS at all and do not have an account.

Point 2. A person who can operate with a plan

There are no rules regarding the operation of SNS accounts, and there is no fixed period such as when it will end. In such a situation, set your own guidelines, make an operation plan, and select people who can operate according to the plan.

You have also to make sure that the person can continue to operate every day.

Point 3. A person who can operate with a personality different from his own

On corporate SNS, it is No Good to say "I can only write mechanical sentences" and "I am too far ahead". You need to make a post that matches the character of the company's "people in the middle".

The important thing in operating a corporate account is to prevent the operation staff from being reflected as it is in the posted content . It is the personality of the company that is important to consumers, not the personality of the operations manager itself.

Even if it seems that you are operating with the personality of the person inside, you have to decide the personality line to some extent and operate it. Also, in terms of personalization of operations, by creating and operating a personality as an account, even if you take over the charge of SNS, it will be less likely to be affected by the change of people inside.

It is also important to be able to operate with a personality as a company, not the same operation as your own private SNS.

Point 4. People who put users first

Most people in charge of SNS will not be full-time, but will also be working concurrently. If you do it in your spare time while doing the main work, you may end up with posting content and posting time that is convenient for your company.

People in charge of SNS are suitable for those who can think about what kind of information is required from the user's point of view and when you want the information, instead of operating from a company-oriented perspective.

It can be said that the person who is close to what the user wants is suitable for the person inside, creating the place where the company is located and the users are close to each other.

Three points to create a post that conveys the character of "The Person in the Middle"

Unlike personal accounts, it is necessary to thoroughly scrutinize the content sent on SNS dedicated to public relations. On top of that, what points should I be careful about in order to make a post that conveys the character of "the person in the middle"? There are three points to consider. 

Point 1. Create a concrete personality

The first point is to create a concrete personality. Let's create the personality of "the person in the middle" according to the image of the company.

SNS is basically a place where the distance between businesses and consumers is relatively close. How can we get people to interact with consumers in such places as if they were friends? It is recommended that you set three points of personality that you want to be friends with and that you think you have a sense of intimacy with, and think about the content of the post that will not blur from those settings.

Point 2. Show the bad sides/parts

The second point is, you have to show the bad sides/parts. 

In most cases, corporate-run accounts only show the good sides/parts. It's okay if you operate it as a serious and reliable account, but if you want to have a sense of intimacy and make the character stand, it is one way to show the bad sides/parts.

For example, muttering that you overslept, or muttering a little cute daily mistake. Of course, it is necessary to avoid content that requires corporate morals and content that requires humanity, but it is also recommended to strategically disseminate content that is familiar to you.

Point 3. Remember to be honest with your users

The third point is, to remember to be honest with your users .

Posts and words to make a profit to increase followers are more visible to users than you can imagine. Increasing the number of followers is important as long as you operate as a company, but it is important to remember whether you are too self-centered or honest with your users.

From such an attitude, not only will the character of "the person in the middle" be created, but as a result, it will lead to an increase in followers.


In Twitter, where companies and consumers can easily connect, it is important to decide what kind of distance to operate. In order to aim for a reasonable and continuous operation, make sure to clarify the character of "the person in the middle" and make daily tweets that will make you a fan.

As introduced in this article, in order for "people in the middle" of corporate SNS to become popular, it is important to manage accounts that make consumers want to make friends. Please refer to the three points of the post that convey the character of "the person in the middle", create a character unique to your company, and aim for a public relations SNS operation that conveys the fun.

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